You should try “Mercari” in Japan!

Briefly, “Mercari” is online flea market.

What is Mercari?

Mercari currently offers their services in Japan, the United States and the UK, and the number of downloads exceeds 100 million.

In Japan it is said that Mercari is most populer “Fleama” (shorten way to say fleamarket) application , and it is said that women account for 80% of the audience. Moreover, the age group is relatively young, and it seems that most of the users are the age of twenties and thirties. (Exact figures are not available)

By the way, do you know the origin of the name “Mercari”? As written in the official page of Mercari, it is the origin of the word “market”, meaning “to trade” in Latin.

Why is Mercari so popular? As its downloads exceeds 100 million, and there are four major reasons of this popularity.

Easy to start with a smartphone

Mercuri can start if you have a smartphone or tablet, so you will not face difficulty to start. Also, there is no age restriction on account registration, and we do not need to pay fee for registration. (For age, parental consent is required in case of underage) Therefore, a wide range of people from young people to elderly people use Mercari.

Wide range of variety, and reasonable

A lot of products have been exhibited in Mercari. Newly listed items will be on the timeline, but different items will line up each time you scroll. That means that there are hundreds of exhibits.

Also, there are things that have been exhibited a lot of second-hand goods, which price is set much cheaper. Moreover, the shipping fee is usually burdened by an exhibitor, it may be making the image “cheap” stronger.

You can ask for discount!

In auctions such as Yahoo auction, prices are going up, but in Mercari the possibility of falling is pretty high.

This is because price cut negotiations are being carried out and there are possibilities that you can buy it at a price cheaper than the selling price.

In Japanese daily life, you rarely see the asking for discount, but in this application, it’s normal!

Sometimes it can be sold in a few minutes from exhibition

In Mercari, where you can purchase immediately at the price you presented, some products are sold in a few minutes from the start of exhibition. If you want to try to sell something, it may be good motivation.

Such a successful experience leads people to feel “Mercari is fun!”, so people start to sell more and more.

For that reason, users are increasing, and at the same time the number of things increases, and as a result it becomes a fun service.

Since this service is provided in US and UK, you should try in those country if you are not really confident in Japanese. Or just download the Japan Mercari App, and browsing must be fun to know what the Japanese people like to buy!