Why Does Japan have “White Day”?

14 March is the day called “White Day” in Japan. On that day, men who received chocolate from woman on Valentine’s Day might return gift to her….!

The history of White Day

The history of White Day is fairly shallow compared to the history of Valentine’s Day. That is why the history of White Day has only about 30 years. White Day was originally established as “day when returning Valentine’s Day”.

There is only Valentine’s Day naturally before the White Day begins, and among Japanese women “There is no day for women, although there are Valentine’s Day for men”, among Japanese men “If there is a day to return to women it’s much more easier to get timing for”.

So it seems that the White Day was the beginning of the confectionery industry setting the White Day for such a trend. There are various opinions at the beginning of the White Day, but there are things that are well-known that the Korean Candy Bakery Industry Cooperative Association (Wholder Cooperative Cooperative) has enacted it. The history of White Day may be shallow indeed, but there were people’s needs in the background.

The origin of White Day

White Day is a unique event in Japan, which began at the end of the 70’s, when the period of high economic growth in Japan was one paragraph.

Thereafter, the timing of the bubble arrives, and the social status of women has improved, and White Day has spread rapidly among the Japanese people. Although the history of White Day is shallower than the history of Valentine’s Day, many people involved regardless of marriage or unmarriage like Valentine’s Day.

Therefore, why is White Day ‘s anecdote more than the length of its history? The origin of White Day ‘s naming is because the sugar which is a candy’ s material is white. Regarding the reason why it was made on March 14, the national candy candy cooperative association (Whole Coke Cooperative), which can be said to be the creator of White Day, said, “In March, one month after the martyrdom of Valentine’s priest Mr. Ulentinus Because the men and women who got married by priest Valentin on 14th have pledged eternal love again. “