What is “LINE” communication application used in Japan?

What kind of communication application do you use?
Whatsapp? Facebook Messanger? We Chat? LINE?
In Japan, LINE is the most popular communication application.

“LINE” is a communication application which started service from June 2011. It has spread rapidly in recent years, and the number of active users in month now is over 73 million. It can be calculated as one of two Japanese people uses LINE.

In this article, we will introduce the feature of LINE application.

It’s free!

Some communication applications may incur charges at the timing of installing applications or at the timing of actually using them.

However, LINE can install and use the application free of charge. Therefore, you can start to use easily.

Why it’s free? Well, LINE sells cute and unique stickers, and charge to companies which want to use LINE for advertisement. But don’t worry, you won’t be disturbed by add if you do not add that company.

Also, LINE company provides other related services like LINE Pay, LINE game, LINE news. You can enjoy those service as well.

More than 10000 types of unique stickers!

With LINE, you can use over 10,000 kinds of unique stickers and emojis. (Well “emoji” is originally from Japan, which means picture letters).

Some stickers require charges when installing, but there are so many types of stickers that you can use for free, so you can enjoy it enough.

LINE ‘s stickers has themes based on famous anime and manga, and many themes with words that are used frequently in everyday scenes. So you can enjoy using it according to the situation.

I personally like this LINE stickers, because we can express emotions which is quite difficult in case of only sentences.

Video calls and voice call

LINE can also make video calls and voice calls. And there is no charge when using video call / voice call. It is very convenient when you want to talk to people who are in Japan from abroad as well as daily life.

So recently with friends or family, Japanese people do not use phone call which you get charged.

“Group” function

LINE has “group function”.

“Group function” is the ability to create one chat room with three or more people. By using this function you can convey your message all at once to multiple people in your community, such as club activities, circle members, and company.

In addition, since you can create groups easily, it is easy to add newly refined communities, such as departments in the company. It is also convenient to share group members’ speech history.

Other features

Besides features above, you can create picture albums in chat, make note and save in chat. LINE application is daily updated with new functions and start providing variety of services.

You can download it from the App Store, Google Play.