Sunday Brunch Meetup☕️

We organized the first Sunday brunch meetup today!

We have created a meetup group “Japanese Language & Culture meetup for 20s•30s by Loctor”.

Thank you for joining our meetup group! We have 60 members now. If you are interested in Japanese language and culture and not yet our member, please join us and have fun! Check it out for more detail.

We tried to have a Sunday brunch meetup today though we regularly have a Japanese & English language exchange on Wednesday after school & work.

Date & Time: 10th Mar. (Sun)

Place: Freshness Burger in Yokohama

Members: 4 members (Hongkong, Japan)

We talked about our life and the countries we had been to. We hope everyone get some inspiration from new friends at Loctor’s meetup, not only languages.

The next meetup is on next Wednesday! Let’s have fun together! Please check it out and visit our meetup page.

We are waiting for you coming! See you soon!