How do Japanese spend their weekend?

What are the Japanese doing on holiday? How to spend your favorite weekend with Japanese friend?

This time I would like to introduce the leisure that the Japanese are making on the day off from the “Leisure White Paper 2016” created by the Japan Productivity Headquarters in ranking form.

No.5 Movie

The fifth place is watching movies. It was the seventh place in ‘Leisure White Paper 2015’ a year ago, so it may be that more people watch movies on holidays.

Speaking of movies, God of entertainment once. There is a history that every theater was full of people in Japan. As expected, it looks a bit different, but I understand that there is a strong popularity including the viewing on DVD.

Incidentally, according to the UNESCO survey, Japan is ranked 4th in the world in the country ranking which is making the most movies in the world. India is overstretched, there are many, followed by the United States, China, the next is Japan.

In terms of the size of the movie market, it is third in the world. The situation that you can see your own movies in a neighboring movie theater is commonplace from Japanese, but it is very blessed when you think calmly.

No.4 Reading Books

The fourth place is reading books. According to a survey by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, it is said that the proportion of those who do not read books per month is increasing rapidly. The figure which was 37.6% in 2002 is 46.1% in 2008 and 47.5% in the year of Heisei 20. If we add one person per month, in the survey of Heisei 20% to 82.0%. The number of books that more than 80% of people read in a month is 0 to 1.

On the other hand, according to the leisure white paper, “reading” is listed as the fourth place as a way to spend holidays. Why is this?

In fact, looking at the breakdown of those who do not read books one by one, I find that surprisingly many elderly people are overwhelmingly over 70 years old and over. The main reason is “There are health problems such as vision”.

On the other hand, for young people, it is cited as “work and study are too busy to read”. So young people read book that you can not read on weekday.

No.3 Drive

The third place is a drive.
There are lots of excellent driving courses in Japan. In the same survey in 2015 it ranked fourth, but ranked third in 2016. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, I want to take full advantage of the good fortune that I was born in Japan with beautiful drive courses here and there.

No.2 Eating Out

The second place is eating out. The eating out in this case is excluded from the eating out like soba shop near the company for lunch. It is a dining out which I enjoyed as a leisure to the last. Continuing with the research of the 2015 edition, I went to second place for the second consecutive year. Speaking of holidays, leisure as well, you can not exclude the time surrounding a delicious meal with close friends, lovers, family and so on.

No.1 Travel

The first place is “travel”. May be it’s not sufficient for traveling overseas. But, in Japan, many people feel like “going somewhere” where they have not been before inside Japan.
Please do enjoy your domestic trip on weekends!