“Chicken and Egg” proverb in Japanese

In Japanese business scene, people often use proverbs to express their situation like other languages. Let’s pick up to use from today!

Niwatori (Chicken) and Tamago (Egg)

Surprisingly, as it is said “Chicken and Egg situation” in English, exactly same words will be used in Japanese as well.

“Niwatori ga saki ka, Tamago ga saki ka” (Is chicken comes first, or is egg comes first)

So let’s start using like “Niwatori and Tamago situation” in Japanese.


Whether the chicken is the first place or the egg ahead means “to ask the causality of” which one was born first “.

In other words, in the causal relationship that chickens lay eggs and chickens are born from eggs, it is a question of which is the beginning.

In the field of philosophy for many years it has been used for thinking about the world such as “life was the beginning of the world or the world was born first” and various other social problems etc.

Since the performance is bad, It can be used widely if it is a circulating problem, such as lowering salary and poor performance.

For this reason, even in everyday life, it is used when expressing a situation where causality can not be judged

In terms of comments from television performers, newspapers, net articles, columns, etc. that appear in a wide range of media, the subjects used also enormously varied.

Example Sentence

It was inevitable that if you thrust deeply into this problem, it was inevitable that the “Niwatori” was the first one or the “Tamago” was the first, but I still felt it was necessary to discuss it.