Are “Green Tea” and “Matcha” different?

“Green tea” and “Matcha” look same, both are green, leaf origin, a bit bitter…. Even Japanese people do not know the specific difference.

To put it briefly,

Tea leaves as raw materials are different

Matcha is powdered Tencha
Green Tea (Commonly drunk powdered tea) is powdered Sencha.

But, I do not really understand this.
So, let’s explain the difference between Matcha and Powdered Green Tea in a bit more detail.


What is Matcha?
Briefly, it’s a powdered type of “Tencha”

What is that “Tencha” ?

Tencha is a tea made by steaming and drying tea leaves raised in a way different from ordinary, removing extra things.

It is a way to nurture tea leaves by covering the tea fields using shelves and so on so that strong sunlight will not hit the tea leaves. So why do you do that?

When growing so that strong sunlight does not hit, it grows to a soft sprout with more taste than ordinary tea leaves hit by the sun. Matcha tea (tencha) that I brought up like this, powdered by grinding with stone mill etc. is called Matcha.

Matcha is much higher than powdered green tea, the price is very high. The reason is that it is more troublesome than ordinary tea leaves to coat tea fields with shelves etc. before picking.

Even after picking it, grinding with a stone mill is a very time-consuming task.

Therefore, it is more expensive than ordinary tea leaves.

Powdered tea leaves grown so as not to be hit by strong sunlight

This is Matcha, next on the powdered green tea.

Green Tea

Green Tea is powdered type of “Sencha”. Then, what is that Sencha? that is,

Commonly drunk ordinary tea leaves

Sencha is baked in the sun ‘s sunlight, steamed, steamed, massaged and dried to remove extra stuff and brewed tea leaves.

When tea leaves get into the sunshine, the theanine ingredients theanine turns into astringent ingredients catechin. As a result, Sencha has less taste than Tea.

Powdered green tea is made by finely pulverizing that sencha with a machine.

As mentioned above, since Sencha raises without blocking sunlight, catechin which is a representative of green tea ingredients is contained more than tea (tencha).

So, powder cup of green tea with plenty of catechin can be said as “very good body for tea”.

Also, the price is cheaper compared to matcha. Because it does not cover the tea garden with shelves etc., the price of powdered green tea can be cheaply kept because it is not time consuming like tea ceremony (tencha).

Generally powdered tea leaves of sencha being drunk

This is powdered green tea.

Matcha with a lot of umami and good powder for the body Green tea
Matcha is commonly used in the tea ceremony.

Other than that, it is also used for sweets with matcha such as Matcha cake, Matcha cookie, Matcha ice for Matcha chocolate, Matcha sweet with salt, Matcha salt to eat tempura.

The sweets made with Matcha are also beautiful in appearance and delicious.

And powdered green tea is popular as tea for drinking in the office because it has the merit that it is easy to drink tea without using teapot, as tea drinking normally at home.

It is also used as a tea at a sushi shop and other eating and drinking establishments, such as making a green tea break by dividing it with a shochu such as an izakaya.

Incidentally, the green tea ceremony made with powdered green tea is another thing different from things made with PET bottle green tea drinks or oolong tea. Recommended for those who drink, they are very tasty.

Of course, powdered green tea can be used for sweets as well as powdered green tea, or mixed with salt and used as “green tea salt”.

Besides that, how to utilize powdered green tea is quite abundant depending on the idea.

Pasta with powdered green tea
Delicious tea pasta made using powdered green tea

If you summarize the differences between powdered green tea and powdered tea
Simply put,

Difference of tea leaves as raw materials

Therefore, I think that it is OK not only to use Matcha in a tea ceremony and sweets, but also to drink normally. (Instead it costs high instead …)

On the contrary, you can use powdered green tea at the tea ceremony, right? Actually, there seems to be some people who are using powdered green tea as a tea ceremony lesson. (Although it seems that it does not foam firmly like Matcha · · ·)

And although it looks like Matcha and powdered green tea, the decisive difference between the two is that, as mentioned earlier,

Difference in green tea ingredients

Matcha contains a lot of theanine ingredients.
Powdered green tea contains a lot of nice ingredient catechins in the body.

Good powder green tea
Powdered green tea is very good for tea. Because the green tea ingredient catechin that is good for the body is powdered tea leaves containing a lot of very much. And it is because you can take 100% of the whole green tea ingredients for that body.

“If you drink anything, it would be better for your body to do it”

Like this, recently, it has become very popular to drink this powdered green tea as usual tea.

However, there are other reasons why people who drink powdered green tea more often. that is,

Easy to make just by mixing with hot water and water
No need for teapots, no tea shells
Such a convenient place is the reason for popularity.

However, I do not think that there are not many people who know how much difference between powder green tea and ordinary tea leaves tea.